Monday, March 7, 2016


Searching for the right basket for a child?

This Easter morning give children more than chocolate bunnies and peeps. Give them a basket that includes Children’s Band Books. 

Children’s Band Books teach preschoolers and early readers lessons in money management, work ethic, arts and culture, health and fitness, and overcoming obstacles.

Children’s Band Easter Baskets come with two books and other holiday goodies – including chocolate bunnies and peeps.

Two Children’s Band Books
Small plush toy
Assorted Easter candies*
Chocolate bunny*
Activity pages 

*(The Tito Basket is a healthier option that replaces chocolate bunnies and peeps with sun chips, raisins, and snack bars. It does contain some small Easter candies.)
THE EBENEZER BASKET: Buy this basket for the future millionaire in the family. It comes with a piggy bank and play money. In the book Ebenezer Opens a Savings Account, Ebenezer earns money by helping his mom and dad at home. He isn’t sure what to do with the money in his piggy bank, but his parents know what to do. They take him to the bank to open his first savings account.

THE DEZZI BASKET: This basket is for the creative one in your clan. It comes with art supplies and sketchbook. In the book Dezzi’s Dance Recital, Dezzi tries, and she tries, and she tries again, but she can’t seem to learn the dance step she plans to perform in her recital. It’s a good thing her friends are there to make sure she doesn’t give up.

THE TITO BASKET: This basket offers a healthier option. It contains a few chocolates and sweet Easter treats, but the chocolate bunny and Peeps are replaced with sun chips, raisins, and granola bars. In the book Tito’s Tasty Snacks, Tito and his friends are hungry after a day of playing in the park. When it's time for a snack, Tito tells his friends how much better they'll feel if they eat healthy foods.

THE ESMERELDA BASKET: This is the perfect basket for the quiet, thoughtful writer in your bunch. It’s filled with notebooks and pencils. In Esmerelda’s Speech, Esmerelda must give a speech on Sunday morning, but she is shy and afraid to speak in front of a crowd. Her friends give her the support she needs to overcome her fears.

THE DUDLEY BASKET: Like Esmerelda’s Basket, this one also is filled with notebooks and pencils. In the book Dudley’s Solo, Dudley doesn’t let the fact that he can’t hear or speak stop him from doing what his friends in Children’s Band do. He joins the other kids at their choir concert. He even performs his own solo.

THE GARDEN BASKET: Just add water. And dirt. This is a starter kit for your youngster’s first garden. Two Children’s Band Books of your choosing are stuffed in a planter along with seeds (tomato, cucumber, and daisies) and small gardening tools.

THE FAMILY BASKET: This is an Easter gift the family that reads together. It includes all five Children’s Band Books plus Each One, Teach One: The Children’s Band Activity Book. It also includes hot chocolate and coffee mugs, microwave popcorn, and breakfast muffins for you to enjoy during your family time.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Let us know. We can put a custom basket together for you. Email us at or call 404-981-4693.

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Monday, September 30, 2013

Tanasia: Middle school isn’t so bad

Everybody thinks middle school is all oohs and ahhs, but it's not. It's just a different version of elementary. There is no venemous popular girl with her crowd. There aren't people hiding in lockers. There is no huge kid pushing people into walls for lunch money. It's just normal.

I got to tell you, I enjoy middle school lunch. I mean, we have sooooo many choices! If you don't want a chicken sandwich you can get a burger or pizza. Three different kinds! Pepperoni, buffalo chicken, AND cheese! Not to mention, nachos with cheese, sour cream, meat and salsa. You can mix and match. Aside from that, we also have different main dishes every day. Plus, awesome snacks! I'm talking funnel cakes, soft pretzels, Minute Maid lemonade bottles and cookies.

Middle school is not just about food. It has a lot of responsibility. You have to remember your books, your locker combo, and your gym clothes and a different combo for that locker. You also get more homework and projects. So it's not just fun and games.

In conclusion, middle school is fun but hard work. Enjoy it while you can!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Tanasia: Back to School

Back to School. Get Ready!

Back to friends, breaking pencil points, homework, school activities, school lunches. Well, just school and everything that comes with it. Are you ready for back to school?

Everyone has back to school jitters, but mine are about starting middle school. I'm nervous about a few things. First, I will have to make new friends because most of my old friends are going to the other school. You see, I only met them in fifth grade because I moved from a different town. I was supposed to go to the same middle school they're going to, but they changed me at the last minute. At least my school is closer now so I get to walk.

The other thing I'm nervous about is getting to class on time. In elementary school we really didn't have to switch classes. Now I will have to memorize where my classes are quickly. I'm not sure if this is true, but I heard that we may only have two or three minutes to change clothes for gym class! Have you ever been worried about these things?

I am also excited about middle school. I am looking forward to walking to school because I've never done that before. I am also excited that I will have a locker to decorate and to make my own with pictures and a calendar. Don't forget the glitter! Middle school also has way more clubs and activities than elementary school. I want to try for drama club, band, student council and maybe basketball.

I hope to be a straight-A student like I was in elementary school. Last year I learned a lot in math so I am ready for harder math. Also, we studied a lot of literacy so I should be ready.

Are you ready for back to school? I am! Ready, set, school!

Alaric: Back to school

I just started back to school and this year I am going to a new school. On the first day, I met my homeroom teacher. Her name is Mrs. Johnson. She will be my teacher for math and science.  I know her already because she was my STEM teacher during summer camp. I also have another teacher for reading, language arts, and social studies.  Her name is Mrs. Lampkin.

On the first day I also met the counselor. Her name is Ms. Tuttle.   She taught us about bullying. I saw some of my friends from my old school. That made me pretty happy.  I get to have lunch with my friends.

Next week, I go to STEM classes. STEM means Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. I am curious about STEM because it’s my first time doing it. I also go to STEAM each day. These are my specials classes.  I have three teachers for these classes: Ms. Karr, Mr. Hughes, and Mr. Sanders.

I’m excited about this school year and I think I’m going to have a great one.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Tanasia's famous burgers

I can do something that most kids can't do. I can cook. I mean I can cook dinner, not just eggs or using a microwave, but dinner!

I learned how to cook when I was seven years old. My grandfather taught me over summer vacation. I go on summer vacation with him and my grandmother every year so I'm still learning. But I learned the most when I was seven. It took me a few months to get comfortable with the fire and constant grease popping (like when you cook bacon) but you get comfortable eventually.

To help you learn to cook, I'll give you my special burger recipe that I've used since the first time I ever made burgers on my own. It was a Saturday night when I was home bored with my mom and we were hungry. She didn't feel like cooking so I decided to make us some dinner. Another time my mom didn't feel like cooking, I actually cooked fried chicken and mixed vegetables all by myself! Mom said it was good. She liked when I made the burgers, too. When I made them, this is what I did:

Tanasia's Special Burger Recipe

You'll need:
- seasoning salt
- pepper
- ground beef
- frying pan
- vegetable oil
- hamburger buns

To do:
- Grab a ball of meat and form into a patty. Continue until you have enough patties for everybody.
- Shake on some seasoning salt and pepper then rub it in.
- Heat frying pan with a little bit of vegetable oil.
- When you think it is hot enough, flick a tiny drop of water to see if it sizzles. If it does put the patties in the pan and let it fry.
- Stick a fork in the meat after 5-10 minutes on each side to see if it is done.
- If it's ready, put on a bun and enjoy!

P.S. Don't forget to add ketchup or cheese or whatever you like on your burger. I like barbecue sauce and pickles on mine.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tanasia: Work hard and never give up

I feel the leather and elastic of the jazz shoe on my foot. I can see the numbers pinned on their chests. I can hear every heart in this room racing including mine. I can taste the anxiety bouncing around the room. I smell the funk from everybody sweating. The hardest thing I've ever done was audition for The Academy at my dance school.

First, let me tell you what The Academy is at my dance school. It is the elite performing group that competes and does special performances during the year. To get in you have to do a solo audition. I had to make up a dance and it took a long time and was very difficult. I got stumped, frustrated, and sad. The night of the audition I was very nervous but went in there and did my best and they said I did a good job.

To get into The Academy you also have to do a group audition. The problem is I was sick that day and I almost threw up at school. I got sent home from school because I was too sick but I still went to the group audition that evening. We had to do ballet and jazz.  The hardest part was the jazz. In the end none of my very hard work paid off because I didn’t even get in The Academy. But I can always try again! Don't give up!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Alaric: My favorite sport is soccer

We asked Children’s Band blogger Alaric to tell us about his favorite sport. He says:

My favorite sport is soccer.  Soccer is a very hard sport.  You cannot use your hands when you play soccer.  I like to be the goalie. 

Nothing‘s easy about soccer.  I need to work on my kicking. I run fast when I play soccer.  Soccer is the best sport ever.                                

What's your favorite sport?
What do you love about it?
What do you find difficult about it?

Tell us in the comments section.